Seminar with Professor Petter Kolm at UNIMORE

Seminar with Professor Petter Kolm at UNIMORE

In-person & Online Seminar with Professor Petter Kolm at UNIMORE

How often do we have the chance to join a talk with one of the highest scientific references in machine learning applications in finance?

On June 7, Professor Petter Kolm will be speaking at the seminar organized by UNIMORE (Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia) | AImageLab Unimore, with the support of Axyon AI, about “Machine Learning Applications in Trading and Portfolio Management”.

Petter Kolm is a Clinical Full Professor and Director of the M.S. in Mathematics in Finance Program at the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He was awarded “Quant of the Year” in 2021 by the Portfolio Management Research (PMR) and the Journal of Portfolio Management (JPM) for his contributions to the field of quantitative portfolio theory.

During the talk, we will:

  • Have an overview of some of the most recent machine learning applications in trading and portfolio management, including regime detection and risk on / risk off, extracting alpha from the limit order book with deep learning, and Bayesian techniques in portfolio construction.
  • Learn machine learning applications in finance, discussing at which point the research in this field is at the present moment and in which direction it is auspicable for it to go
  • Understand how use cases and problems in financial machine learning differ from other industries, what challenges businesses and researchers are encountering, and, overall, the future of AI/ML in finance.

You can join the talk at UNIMORE’s facilities (Modena, Italy) or watch its streaming. It’s open to the public and requires registration with the link: