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Learn with our experts about how AI and ML can help you boost your investment strategies


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AI-supported Trading Signals with Allindex
AI-supported Trading Signals


In this webinar hosted by Allindex, our CTO, Jacopo Credi, and Luigi Battistoni, our Quant Analyst, joined insightful discussions on AI and its disruptive influence on investment management.

Presented by:
- Dr. Christian Kronseder, CEO of Allindex
- Jacopo Credi, CTO and CO-founder 
- Luigi Battistoni, Data Analyst

Learning-to-Rank (LTR) for Quantitative Investing


In this second webinar, our CTO, Jacopo Credi, and Giovanni Davoli, our Data Scientist discussed how AI-powered Learning-to-Rank (LTR) algorithms can optimize quantitative investment strategies. In this technical session, we:

➡️ Explored different LTR approaches and their applications in financial asset ranking
➡️ Learned from a case study on EURO STOXX 50 index
➡️ Gained insights into selecting the best LTR technique for enhanced investment decision-making
➡️ and much more.

Presented by:
- Jacopo Credi, CTO and CO-founder 
- Giovanni Davoli, Data Scientist

AI-driven ESG investment strategies


In this webinar, our finance and AI experts discussed how AI-based technologies can improve the performance of ESG investment strategies.

Presented by:

- Francesca Campanelli, CCO
- Mirko Savasta, Head of Quant
- Giovanni Beliossi, Business Advisor

Investing with AI & Direct Indexing

🎙 Axyon AI Talks – EP 01
In this first episode, our CEO talked with C8 Technologies about how wealth managers can incorporate advanced AI into their investment strategies with Direct Indexing.

Some topics covered during the talk:
➡️ What challenges institutional investors may face when willing to implement AI to enhance their investment strategies,
➡️ How can institutional investors assess AI-based investment strategies? What should they look out for?

Presented by:
- Daniele Grassi, CEO and Co-founder 
- Mattias Eriksson, CO & Founder of C8 Technologies
- Riccardo Baroni, Head of Italy of C8 Technologies

Evolution and challenges of AI & Machine Learning


🎙 Axyon AI Talks – EP 02
In this episode of Axyon AI Talks, we invited one of our scientific advisors, Prof. Simone Calderara, Professor at the Engineering Department “Enzo Ferrari” of the Univesity of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE). Some topics covered during the talk:

➡️ The challenges and evolution of ML
➡️ Impacts generative AI

Presented by:
- Daniele Grassi, CEO and Co-founder 
- Professor Simone Calderara, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE)