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Axyon AI at the Ital-IA 2023 conference

Last month, our AI team presented a research poster at the “AI for Finance and Commerce” workshop at the Ital-IA 2023 conference. 

Organized by the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS) and the National Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science (CINI), the workshop gathers various methodological and application-based contributions developed in Italy by universities, research centers, and companies in the field of AI, machine learning, reinforcement learning, and economic paradigms.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of introducing the contribution of Axyon AI, thanks to the work of Monica Millunzi, Lorenzo Bonicelli, Alberto Zurli, Alessio Salman, Jacopo Credi, and Simone Calderara with the academic poster “Novel continual learning techniques on noisy label datasets.”

Conducted together with AImageLab and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, our team’s research shows that while many Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms have achieved remarkable success with reliable reference datasets, they often struggle with realistic scenarios characterized by constantly variable and noisy data. Until now, this issue has received limited attention from the scientific community, making research efforts valuable in advancing the field.

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