Who we are.

Axyon AI brings breakthrough automated
machine learning technology
to asset management.

Data is good. Strategy is better.
You can have both.


Axyon AI is an Italian fintech company on a mission to bring AI-powered predictive value to the investment management industry.

Axyon AI is on a mission to bring asset managers to the future with superior, advanced, accurate and consistent AI and deep learning predictive solutions.

We partner with our clients to innovate their investment and risk management process by integrating breakthrough AI technology.

Our team, with deep knowledge of the financial sector, brings together leading and deep technological expertise for our customers.

We work closely with the renowned computer sciences faculty at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to stay at the cutting edge of global developments in deep learning.

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Our History


Our history mixes with the personal journey of our founders, their friendship, a passion for technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

When Technology meets Finance

The history of Axyon AI mixes with the personal journey of our founders – Daniele Grassi, Giacomo Barigazzi, and Jacopo Credi – a long-standing friendship, their passion for technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Daniele and Giacomo co-founded a software development company in 2012. Over the years, the business evolved with technology. The close connection with the renowned engineering faculty at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia led to exploring the new advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning.

In 2016, Jacopo joined the team and, together with Daniele and Giacomo, co-founded Axyon AI to combine their growing know-how of AI and their interest in finance. At the time, deep learning was emerging along with increasing data availability and exploding computation power capabilities. Applications that leveraged these opportunities were explored in several sectors, but specific tools and tech capable of handling the peculiar challenges and complexity of financial markets data were still lacking. Axyon AI was determined to fill this gap.

The newly founded startup looked for partnership opportunities in the financial industry and participated in the ING’s international Innovation Studio acceleration program in Amsterdam. Following six months in the Netherlands, the company won the final pitch and received its first external investment from ING Bank. From then on, Axyon AI focused on developing artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions dedicated to investment management.


“It’s not a knowledge game, it’s a learning game”

How far we have come

In the past six years, Axyon AI has raised € 2.1 M+ in capital and has grown from a team of 3 to 18 people today. Our headquarters are located in Modena, in the north of Italy, with a commercial presence in Milan and London. 

Our technology and a strong commitment to quality and value have encouraged worldwide partners and customers, including such as ING Ventures (Netherlands), Unicredit (Italy), CDP Venture Capital (Italy) and Nikko Global Wrap (Japan), to trust our capability of bringing AI-powered value to investment management.

We are committed to making Axyon AI a leading fintech in the investment management space, with solid principles of transparency and trust, and dedication to being the best possible place to work for our team.

Our Values


Axyon AI - AI for investment management


We will deliver on time, provide comprehensive analyses and high-quality models, and be obsessed with the true value and ease of implementation we provide to our customers.

Axyon AI - AI for investment management


We will provide complete transparency and stay accountable, both in good and bad times; we will make responsible use of AI and ensure no prediction or decision will stay without reasonable explanation; we will prioritise process robustness and reliability.

Axyon AI - AI for investment management


Markets and tech are continuously evolving. No rule or truth is valid forever, and making mistakes is often the only way to learn. We will learn from every step we make, challenge our know-how every day, and invest in training and professional growth.

Axyon AI - AI for investment management


A substantial part of our daily waking time is spent at work, making this a core element of our existence. We care about work/life balance, put body, mind and health first, and support our team to grow and flourish both as human beings and professionals.

Our Team

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Daniele Grassi

CEO & Co-founder

Jacopo Credi

CTO & Co-founder
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Giacomo Barigazzi

Head of Corporate Development & Co-founder
_D4S0904- AXYON low - BN

Martina Perani

Executive Secretary
_D4S4488- AXYON low - BN

Fabio Franzoso

Head of Engineering
_D4S4390- AXYON low - BN

Riccardo Folloni

Machine Learning Specialist
_D4S4442- AXYON low - BN

Alessio Salman

Machine Learning Specialist
_D4S0948- AXYON low - BN

Mirko Savasta

Product Manager
Luigi Battistoni

Luigi Battistoni

Quantitative Analyst

Roberto Landi

Software Engineer

Andrea Bisi

Software Engineer
_D4S4409- AXYON low - BN

Marco Turci

Head of IT
Camilla Quaglia

Camilla Quaglia

Jr. Data Engineer

Giovanni Davoli

Data Scientist
Patricia Navi

Patricia Navi

Marketing Manager
Davide Brembilla

Davide Brembilla

Jr. Software Engineer
Alberto Zurli

Alberto Zurli

AI Engineer

Piero Costa

Quantitative Analyst

Rebecca Pedrazzi

Marketing Specialist

Matteo Prandi

Quantitative Analyst

Advisory Committee

Massimo Tosato


Andrea Gentilini



Simone Calderara

PhD Scientific Advisor

Giovanni Beliossi

Business Advisor

Luigi Conti

Business Advisor

Manu Choudhary

Business Advisor

Raj Narayan

Business Advisor

Marisol Menendez

Business Advisor

Max Bruche

PhD Scientific Advisor

Flavio Bonfatti

PhD Scientific Advisor


Innovative ideas, opportunities for tomorrow able to stimulate new ways of thinking and acting.

Businesses that have embraced fintech opportunities will have a competitive edge due to their enhanced decision-making capabilities. But fintech has by no means reached its limits. Advancements in technology mean more improvements to business performance.



At Axyon AI, talents play a crucial role in innovating asset management through AI.
We love people with diverse backgrounds, natural curiosity and creative minds.