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Daniele Grassi

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniele Grassi's journey started with a passion for technology and a personal interest in finance. By the time he studied Software Engineering at University, AI wasn't in the hype.

Before graduating, he founded a software company with friends to develop customised software for SMEs while keeping a personal goal to learn about AI by himself.

Running the software company had been significant for his personal development as an entrepreneur and leader. However, his mind flourished with the idea of building a business to connect other personal interests.

Deep learning, increased data availability, and exploding computation power capabilities emerged a few years later. Applications that leveraged these opportunities started appearing in several sectors, but specific tools and tech capable of handling the peculiar challenges and complexity of financial markets data still needed to be improved. Daniele realised it was at a pivotal moment to dedicate himself deeper and combine his long-lived technological interest in finance with AI.

He decided to embark on another entrepreneurial journey. Axyon AI was spun off from the previous company to pursue the idea that a rigorous, science-backed, automated approach as the key to delivering predictive value in financial markets.

Today, Daniele has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in information technology and a long track record in finance and artificial intelligence.

As one of the company's co-founders, he leads the team at Axyon AI, aiming to harness AI's transformative power to revolutionise the ways investments are managed.

But beyond titles and timelines, his true passion lies in continuous learning. Whether diving deep into the intricacies of AI in FinTech or exploring the different arenas of leadership and personal development, he believes that the quest for knowledge drives personal progress.



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