AI in Asset Management

AI & deep learning
in active asset management.

Ai in Asset Management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the asset management industry by allowing analysts to examine and process data faster and find accurate investment insights. Without AI, portfolio managers would have to spend many hours/ days manually researching hundreds of sources. Axyon AI develops state-of-the-art technology that uses the latest machine learning technology to discover new relative value opportunities.


Immediate results

Outperforming the market is the goal of each active asset manager and hedge fund, and to succeed, portfolio managers need information and relevant, insightful, timely, and correct forecasts.
Therefore, with AI and deep learning technologies, portfolio managers no longer rely on traditional techniques but can identify complex market patterns beyond human logic.

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What AXYON IRIS® can do for you

Our web-based AI platform Axyon IRIS® delivers:

● AI-based strategies

● Predictive asset performance rankings


Ready-to-use web based platform

● Firstly, no coding knowledge is required to benefit our predictive signals and strategies. 

● Secondly, Axyon IRIS® is a ready-to-use platform deliverable through a user-friendly web application, SFTP, and API.

● Moreover, our platform can generate insights over future relative performance of assets.

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Build winning bespoke investment strategies.

A complete ranking for different asset classes and investment universes to help Identify the best investment opportunities.

● Axyon IRIS® generates accurate and consistent forecasts (top-performing stocks, futures, ETFs, and funds) for portfolio enhancement.

● Start building winning portfolio strategies on top of Axyon AI’s leading predictive technology.