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Axyon AI is on a mission to provide asset managers with the world’s most advanced, accurate and consistent AI and deep learning predictive solutions. Focusing on stability as well as performance, our proprietary technology is designed to drive superior financial time series forecasting and predictive insights.


Axyon IRIS Web

AI-powered asset selection for portfolio managers and quantitative teams

Axyon IRIS Forecast Feeds

Provide portfolio managers and quantitative teams with accurate and consistent off-the-shelf asset performance forecasts feeds.

Customised Forecast Feeds

Super-drive asset management strategies with bespole AI-powered asset performance forecast feeds.

Our Customers

Asset Managers

Super-drive asset management strategies with tailored asset performance forecast feeds. Our Customised Forecast Feeds are specifically designed for our clients target asset pools, prediction horizons, and metric objectives. We integrate the feeds closely with our clients, enabling asset managers to access reliable and meaningful predictive insights within their own systems.

Energy and Utility Traders

We’re giving commodity trading desks unparalleled performance predictions on commodities. Using Axyon AI’s enhanced forecasting models, our customers are leveraging the power of AI and deep learning to improve decision making in trading and hedging.

Hedge Fund Managers

We’re giving fund managers cutting-edge technology to make successful alpha-led investment decisions, and partner with them to run co-designed strategies. As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize financial markets, we’re making sure our partners are staying at the forefront of this revolution.

Forex Hedgers

We’re giving treasury teams the latest and most reliable technology forecasting to mitigate FX volatility. By exploiting large volumes of data through the power of AI and deep learning, our customers reap the benefit of improved forex decision making.

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Stay ahead of the game. Join the AI revolution and take your asset management performance to the next level.

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Axyon AI leverages the most recent advancements in AI and deep learning to bring efficiency gains and improved performances to asset management and trading