Deep learning solutions for banking and finance

We help financial institutions bring out value from Big Data

Axyon AI brings deep learning-powered solutions to finance. Our technological advantage is represented by a proprietary deep learning platform specifically built for financial problems. It allows us to be extremely quick in developing highly-accurate predictive models.

We developed successful solutions in several fields, from credit risk to wealth management, from churn-rate prediction to fraud detection.

We offer two packaged products: SynFinance, for the syndicated loans market, and StocksAnalyst, for asset allocation.


Axyon SynFinance

Liquidity prediction and market insights for the syndicated loans market

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Axyon StockAnalyst

Deep learning-powered asset allocation and smart portfolio rebalancing

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Investment banking

Deal participation predictions and market insights

Asset allocation

Assets relative performance and volatility prediction


Country-level terror and war-related instability risk

Wealth management

Wealth allocation and product preference predictions

Credit risk

Corporate credit risk and default probability prediction system

Fraud detection

Claim anomaly and fraud detection

Marketing and sales

Customer-product fit prediction and conversion probability


Big Data for finance and banking industry
Rome, IT
Machine Learning and marketing for Intelligence
Toronto, CA
AI Europe 2017
London, UK
20/11/2017 - 21/11/2017
FinTech Connect Live 2017
London, UK
06/12/2017 - 07/12/2017

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Axyon AI brings Deep Learning into finance with complete products that increase revenues and reduce costs.

We work with banks and other financial institutions, and offer customizable solutions and tailor-made implementations.

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