Uncovering Alpha Opportunities with AI

Axyon AI is a fintech company
with a mission to bring asset managers
to the future with superior and accurate AI
and Deep Learning predictive solutions.



Customised AI-powered prediction models, trained with specific target assets, time horizons and prediction metrics.



AI-powered model strategies, based on predictive signals to outperform an index or benchmark.


State-of-the-art AI techniques, running
on a world-class computing infrastructure and fuelled by massive amounts of data.

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage advanced AI to forecast and nowcast complex multivariate stochastic processes through (un)supervised probabilistic time series modelling.

High Performance Computing

Axyon AI brings breakthrough automated machine learning technology to asset management.We make heavy use of HPC and cloud compute clusters through a scalable and flexible workload management system.

Big Data

We collect, validate, aggregate, store, process and serve a wide array of data sources through an automated and provider-agnostic process.

Clients That Trust Us


We partner with our clients to innovate their investment and risk management
process by integrating
breakthrough AI technology.

Active Asset Managers

Super-drive discretionary portfolio management with the AI-powered asset selection, or bring to life highly performing, AI-enhanced quantitative strategies.

Energy & Utility Companies

Axyon AI brings unparalleled asset performance predictions to commodity trading desks. Using the highly performing Axyon IRIS® models, our customers are leveraging the power of AI and deep learning to improve decision making in trading and hedging.

Hedge Funds

Axyon AI designs AI and deep learning-powered strategies with competitive Sharpe ratio combining technology and risk modelling to enhance and diversify alpha. Our technology can support a wide range of asset classes and instruments of the financial markets.


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Discretionary portfolio manager

The portfolio manager adopts the Eurostoxx 50 Long Only Top 10 Strategy. The strategy uses an active and systematic investment style based on machine learning algorithms to trade a portfolio of 10 stocks that are expected to beat the market. For each day, cross-sectional forecasts are used to build a ranking in order to pick the top 10 stocks in the investment universe and invest 10% of the strategy on each of them. Rebalancing is carried out daily, only if the correlation between desired and actual portfolio weights is lower than a threshold. Transaction costs are taken into account.

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