Axyon SynFinance

Smart and predictive analytics for loan syndications desks of Corporate and Investment Banks

Case study

Syndications desks help clients fulfil their financing needs through linking them with investors. With almost 10,000 transactions in 2017 alone, data is plentiful. Yet syndicated lending remains an opaque market.

As transactions become increasingly more complex, the ability to assess support for a certain loan structure has become crucial. Manually analysing available data is a mundane and inefficient process.

This is where AI comes in. Through analysing the entire syndicated loan market, deep learning can suggest potential support for a transaction beyond what the syndications team can identify themselves.

Product overview

Axyon SynFinance brings smart and predictive analytics to loan syndications desks of Corporate & Investment Banks. This gives clients a competitive edge in becoming the preferred arranger whilst realising productivity gains. SynFinance offers predictive liquidity analysis, automated market analysis and lead generation. It is provided off-the-shelf powered by Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters) and can be enriched through adding the bank’s proprietary data.

Main features

Data integration

Powered by Refinitiv (LPC loans) with the possibility to integrate the bank’s proprietary data

Market analytics

Axyon SynFinance provides AI-powered analytics on the market: pricing trends, volumes, league tables and more

Liquidity analysis

Predicts investor participation, provides automated comparables and gives insight into investor behaviour

Leads generation

Generates leads for refinancings through maturity calendar that selects deals on bank preference

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