Axyon IRIS® Web

AI-powered asset selection for discretionary and quantitative portfolio managers

Product overview

Axyon IRIS® Web leverages cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology to support portfolio managers in asset selection.

  • Use AI and deep learning forecasts to get insights over the future performance of selected asset pools (e.g. stocks, futures, ETFs, funds).
  • Perform AI-based asset selection or inform discretionary market views.
  • Go beyond the traditional black box AI framework by leveraging advanced techniques that highlight the strongest drivers for each prediction (e.g. sector, value, momentum, risk indicators).
  • Take advantage of off-the-shelf coverage of popular asset pools, including the EUROSTOXX 50, with 1-week, 1-month and 3-month forecasts.


Axyon IRIS® Web can become a fully integrated component of the client's quantitative of discretionary portfolio selection process.

The following elements can be customised for the client:

  • Coverage of asset pools and forecast horizons.
  • Prediction targets beyond ranking by expected return (e.g. ranking by expected sharpe or volatility).
  • Integration of Axyon IRIS® Web with bespoke prediction models trained over the client's proprietary data feeds.


Basic access to Axyon IRIS®, covering EUROSTOXX 50, is free for institutions.