Refinitiv and Axyon AI announce collaboration to apply artificial intelligence to the syndicated loan market

Integration of Refinitiv loan market data from LPC with the AI-powered SynFinance platform provides predictive analytics to help identify potential investors incorporate and leveraged syndicated loans, as well as scouting the market for new refinancing opportunities

London – Refinitiv and FinTech start-up Axyon AI, have announced a collaboration that enables loan market data of LPC to be integrated in SynFinance, providing corporate and investment banks (CIBs) with a ready-to-use platform that identifies investors most likely to participate in corporate and leveraged syndicated loans. LPC is the premier global provider of news, data, and analysis on the syndicated loan market, keeping financial professional abreast of trading trends and investment decisions.

The SynFinance platform makes different aspects of the syndication process more data driven. It allows users to scout & analyse the market, generate new leads, conduct automated liquidity analysis, and collect investor feedback. SynFinance learns from hundreds of thousands of historic transactions and translates this into predictions for investors participation. Through the integration of Refinitiv data, the platform is able to be provided “off the shelf” to CIBs and subsequently customised by adding their proprietary data.

“Including Refinitiv LPC data within the SynFinance platform allows us to use deep-learning-powered predictive analytics to identify the investors participation probability in a syndicated loan with an increased accuracy,” said Daniele Grassi, CEO of Axyon AI. “Through our agreement with Refinitiv, the SynFinance platform now provides relationship managers and syndicators with unprecedented scouting and analysis capabilities to support the origination process, and ultimately increasing the number of syndicated loans arranged by the bank.”

“Axyon AI and Refinitiv are well positioned to drive adoption of AI in capital markets and loan origination,” Michael Lavin, global head, Capital Market Insight, Refinitiv. “Our LPC data merged with SynFinance platform delivers a powerful solution for the capital markets in an asset class that shows little signs of abating.”

With global syndicated lending totaling US$4.6tn from nearly 10.000 transactions in 2017 alone, data is plentiful. Refinitiv and Axyon AI will explore further opportunities to expand the platform to other debt instruments.

AI can be deployed selectively to certain parts of the process, leaving human judgement to focus on the rest.

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