Axyon IRIS

AI-powered predictive analytics for portfolio managers and traders

Product overview

Axyon IRIS is an AI-powered engine that helps portfolio managers and trading desks to:

  • Diversify their approach to investment strategies
  • Improve asset/security selection and portfolio optimisation
  • Generate trade ideas
  • Optimise exit strategies and risk management

Main features

Asset and security selection

Improves asset and security screening with AI-powered predictions on relative performances on customised target lists.

Trade ideas generation

Axyon IRIS can generate trade ideas by evaluating their potential value using AI. It supports customising target assets, trading horizons and exit/risk constraints.

Exit strategy optimisation

Improve existing strategies performances by informing them with AI-powered predictions of relative return and volatility.

Trades monitoring and dynamic optimisation

Monitor active trades in real-time, with updated AI-powered trade value estimation as new market data comes in. Re-optimise exit strategies during the trade lifecycle.

Market projections and scenarios

AI-powered generation of market scenarios, that can be used to optimize the capital and risk allocation across different strategies.


The predictive models can be customised to target specific asset pools and markets. Client's proprietary data can be integrated to improve predictive performances.