Deep learning solutions for capital markets

AI in Capital Markets

Corporate & Investment Banks have been using AI for years to cut costs, reduce human error, and wring inefficiencies from mundane back-office tasks. Capital Markets have been slower to adopt to AI because it involves less process and more advice. But in an industry that relies on exploiting information asymmetry, the main value of AI lies in its predictive capability rather than automation.

Augmenting human intelligence

To understand behavior of the market and its participants, loan syndication desks rely on key individuals with years of experience. But even the most seasoned professionals don’t know what they don’t know. The amount of data available is simply more than any mind can individually process. This is where syndicators can leverage AI capabilities to augment human intelligence and improve decision making.

The power of Deep learning

Deep learning is a powerful branch of Machine Learning that learns from historical data to make independent decisions. It is typically used to analyze large amounts of data for solving classification problems. An example could be to identify potential support for a syndicated loan. There are many more classification tasks in loan syndications currently performed by humans. Through using Deep Learning we can bring a bit more science to the art of bookrunning, leading to greater accuracy and transparency.

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