Axyon StocksAnalyst

Axyon StocksAnalyst is a supporting tool for equity trading desks and asset management.

It helps analysts and traders by providing Deep-learning-powered predictions over performance of individual stocks against their main index, and suggested asset allocations among several assets. It provides extensive signal history and performance reports. It does not implement automatic trading, but provides an API for easy automated access to trading signals and strategy simulation/backtest tools.

Axyon StocksAnalyst can be customised to cover clients’ assets of interest and include proprietary data as input for the prediction models.

Input Data

  • Market data (assets prices, volumes)
  • Financial data depending on asset class (PE, PB, returns, EPS, etc)
  • Context data (global/regional/industry data)
  • Client’s proprietary data (additional data feeds, indicators, etc)
  • Unstructured data (news, events, social, etc…)

Main Features

Suggested allocation

Smart portfolio rebalancing

Performance monitoring

Strategy backtest

API integration

Customizable assets and predictions

Are you interested in

If you want to find out more about how to better manage your assets and help your traders predict better opportunities, you can request a demo.