Deep learning for
marketing and sales

Solution Details

One of marketing and sales biggest challenges when it comes to promote and sell a new product or service, is to understand the target audience.

By segmenting customers into smaller groups, the company is able to decide which set of characteristics and behaviors best match the product/service. Too often, this segmentation is made without an understanding of customers’ actual buying behaviors or needs, which turns into a lower conversion rate than desired.

Deep learning can be used in marketing and sales to develop a model that allows a better understanding of the target, achieving conversion predictions that can help managers create specific strategies to target the people that will make the best product-customer fit.

Axyon's approach

Most marketing and sales automation platforms use selected rules to automate certain tasks such as email marketing. However, these rules are still set by human individuals, which means they are based on the limited amount of data the single person can gather.

Axyon’s platform, instead, uses deep learning models and big data to understand the pattern behind potential customers’ actions and calculate the conversion probability, allowing marketing managers to deliver better targeted marketing campaigns that can improve sales numbers.

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