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When a company decides to invest in a foreign country, it probably has to face a political risk, which is the impact of political and military events on markets, such as: passage of laws, raise and fall of country leaders, military movements, protests, terrorism and war related risks. In short, all factors that could potentially destabilize the economy of a country.

To help weight in the danger of investing in certain countries that might have higher political and war related risks, companies often consult risk managers and analysts. However, these events are often hard to predict, especially when it comes to very unstable countries.

Deep learning can help predict war, terror and instability risks to support the global investment process, by looking at economic and historical data.

Aside from investments reasons, these predictions can also be used by intelligence agencies to improve counter-terrorism practices.

Axyon's approach

An example of how Axyon’s technology can be used for intelligence is the prediction of war related risks on a country level, focused on Africa.

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