Deep learning for
asset management

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Asset management firms and hedge funds are currently challenged in their own market by the growth of passive management. To keep ahead, active funds need to evolve their strategy and differentiation. Alternative data and artificial intelligence (especially deep learning) represent a disruptive opportunity to bring new products to market, attracting new customers and improving historical performances.

Implementing artificial intelligence, and especially machine learning techniques such as deep learning, in practical and effective asset allocations strategies requires extremely vertical knowledge and experience, that differs from what traditional quantitative trading is used to.

Setting up a truly effective AI and machine learning team inside a fund can cost millions and require several years of development.

Through our product StocksAnalyst, Axyon AI brings cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology to financial institutions, providing out-of-the-box solutions that integrate into the fund’s infrastructure and that are ready for production in one/two months, at a fraction of the cost.

Axyon's approach

Our approach focuses on three main activities while working with a client:

  • Data integration: we extract value both from public/data providers’ data and client’s proprietary data.
  • Strategy-tailored predictions: predictive models are trained using the latest and more proven AI techniques, tailoring them to match the client’s strategies and asset groups.
  • Client involvement, training and transparency: we organise knowledge-sharing workshops for the client’s team, with the aim of providing the basic skills to understand AI and its application in the client’s strategies.

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