At the intersection of artificial intelligence and finance, Axyon AI brings accurate predictive power to the financial markets.

Customizable solutions

Because of the adaptable nature of Artificial Intelligence, no industry is left untouched: from healthcare to intelligence to finance, AI and deep learning algorithms can be used to apply predictive models to different types of issues.

Accurate predictive models bring wide increase in returns, and business-changing costs reduction. Axyon AI mixes technological expertise with financial knowledge to transform predictive accuracy into results that make a measurable difference for clients.

We have tested the Axyon platform with different real life challenges, and we offer solutions customized to different fields, such as:


Investment banking

Deal participation and liquidity prediction

Asset management

Portfolio balancing and trading signals generation


War, terror and instability risk predictions

Wealth management

Wealth allocation predictions and product-customer fit

Credit risk

Default probability predictions for enterprise and retail

Fraud detection

Claim anomaly and fraud predictions

Marketing and sales

Customer-product fit predictions and conversion probability

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