Axyon StocksAnalyst

Axyon StocksAnalyst brings AI/Deep learning predictive models to asset management, helping funds to introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning into their strategies and products.

StocksAnalyst integrates different sources of data (from market data to financial data, from news to economic indicators) and generates accurate predictions regarding the future performance of the assets that are of interest for the client.

StocksAnalyst can also integrate client’s proprietary data. Assets performance predictions can be accessed using a web interface, an API system or directly pushed to the client’s infrastructure for complete integration.

In addition, the web interface provides an easy way to backtest signals and assess their performances over time.


  • Improve fund’s offering to its clients with AI/Deep Learning-powered investment strategies
  • Leverage the accuracy of AI/Deep Learning predictive models to improve strategies’ performances
  • Expand the data sources upon which investment decisions are based
  • Use AI/Deep Learning to detect anomalies in market data
  • Increase fund’s understanding and integration of AI/Deep Learning in its processes

Main features


Suggested allocation


Smart portfolio rebalancing


Performance monitoring


Strategy backtest


API integration


Customizable assets and predictions

Data integration

  • Market data (assets prices, volumes)
  • Financial data depending on asset class (PE, PB, returns, EPS, etc)
  • Context data (global/regional/industry data)
  • Client’s proprietary data (additional data feeds, indicators, etc)
  • Unstructured data (news, events, social, etc…)

Are you interested in

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