Axyon IRIS

Improving fund performances through AI-powered predictive feeds on key metrics of assets behaviour

Case study

Asset management is a heavily insights-driven industry, which is disrupted by an explosion of data that is creating a new hierarchy of winners.

Artificial Intelligence captures structured and unstructured data from varied sources and leverages that information to improve business decision with its superior predictive power

This leads to a new challenge: converting the flow of information into actionable metrics.

Product overview

Axyon IRIS is an AI-powered engine that provides periodic predictions of variables used by asset managers to develop their strategy. These include asset performance metrics such as volatility, Sharpe and Sortino ratios.

IRIS integrates and processes market data, financials, fundamentals and sentiment data. The generated predictions cover several time horizons, from days to months in the future. Prediction feeds can be provided off-the-shelf on several standard asset pools, or tailored to the needs of the client by integrating proprietary data and customising target assets.

Main features

Return and volatility prediction

Provides strategy-oriented prediction metrics on assets future performance

Future assets correlation, market anomaly

Predicts future assets correlation, and detects anomalies in market behaviour

Multiple prediction horizons

Supports predictions from 1 to 180 market days in the future

Proprietary data integration

Possibility to integrate fund’s proprietary data for more diversified prediction feeds

Out-of-the-box asset pools

Several pre-built feeds covering equity-fixed income, commodities, equity-only and FX asset pools

Target assets customisation

Feeds can be customised to target specific asset pools and markets