AI & deep learning for forex hedging & trading


Having the right FX hedging strategy in place can make a profound impact on firms faced with international expansion or ongoing operations. Today’s treasury managers must manage volatile risks in FX exposure in an ever-increasing world of uncertainty and competition.

At Axyon AI, we enable FX hedgers and traders to leverage the latest in deep learning technology. Through enhanced forecasting models, our customers benefit from improved decision-making and optimised trading strategies.

AI for FX hedging and trading

  • Limit negative impacts on cash-flow. With Axyon AI, managers can receive cross-sectional forecasts of FX pairs over different time horizons.
  • Improve decision-making in trading. Axyon AI’s predictive engine exploits large amounts of proprietary data including fundamentals, economics, market and technical indicators.

Customised solutions

  • Build winning bespoke FX trading and hedging strategies. With the power of Axyon AI’s customised forecast model, FX treasury managers can build tailored hedging strategies that drive winning performance.
  • Work with Axyon AI to customise and leverage the power of AI over data inputs, time horizons, target variables and forecasting techniques.


AI-enhanced portfolio selection

For discretionary and quantitative portfolio managers.

AI-powered asset performance forecasts feeds

For quantitative teams and portfolio managers.

Customised AI-powered solutions

For quantitative teams and portfolio managers.

Are you ready to take your forex hedging or trading strategy to the next level?