AI & deep learning for hedge funds


To succeed, hedge funds need to make positive and uncorrelated returns for their clients through advanced trading strategies and techniques. Relying on traditional analytical methods in today’s market environment will often result in underperformance.

Artificial Intelligence is reinventing the way in which hedge funds are driving successful returns. Taking large-scale data, managers now have new abilities to look for new patterns in the sub-atomic level of sample sets.

Axyon AI partners with hedge fund managers to create and run co-designed, AI and deep learning-powered strategies, or help them accessing cutting-edge technology to make successful alpha-led investment decisions.

AI-powered asset selection

  • Forecast with confidence. Axyon AI’s predictive engine exploits large amounts of data to drive insights on cross-sectional future performance of asset pairs over different time horizons.
  • Build AI-powered long and short strategies. Axyon AI’s technology provides aggregated forecasts, giving managers rankings of assets in terms of expected return within chosen pools.

AI-powered market risk

  • Control risk. Detect anomalies throughout market data with Axyon AI’s risk-based AI technology.
  • Play in advance. With AI, you can detect which complex and nonlinear patterns are breaking, making key and successful decisions within your portfolio.
  • Drive results. Build more resilient strategies on top of Axyon AI’s cutting-edge risk metrics technology.

Customised solutions

  • Build winning bespoke investment strategies. With the power of Axyon AI’s customised predictive models, managers can build tailored investment strategies that drive winning performance.
  • Work with Axyon AI to customise and leverage the power of AI over data inputs, time horizons, target variables and forecasting techniques.

Are you ready to take your investment strategy to the next level?