AI & deep learning for active asset managers


Outperforming benchmarks is the goal of each active asset manager. To succeed, managers need information and forecasts that are relevant, insightful, timely and correct.

Deep learning technology is empowering asset managers with newer and decisive opportunities. It’s no longer enough to rely on traditional techniques. Today’s winning managers need to identify complex market patterns that go beyond the human logic.

At Axyon AI, we enable asset managers to leverage the latest in deep learning technology. With relevant and meaningful insights and forecasts powered by Axyon AI’s bespoke algorithms, managers are empowered to generate strategies that result in alpha-delivering portfolios.

AI-powered stock, ETF and fund selection

  • Enhance asset selection. Receive accurante and consistent forecasts on top performing stocks, ETFs and funds. Leverage Axyon AI’s state-of-art self-learning algorithms to uncover complex and non-linear patterns in traditional and alternative data sets.
  • Crack open the black-box. Axyon AI's technology goes beyond black box frameworks by providing transparent predictions' drivers.
  • Stay ahead of the game. Start building winning portfolio strategies on top of Axyon AI’s leading predictive technology.

AI-powered market risk

  • Control risk. Detect anomalies throughout market data with Axyon AI’s risk-based AI technology.
  • Play in advance. With AI, you can detect which complex and nonlinear patterns are breaking, making key and successful decisions within your portfolio.
  • Drive results. Build more resilient strategies on top of Axyon AI’s cutting-edge risk metrics technology.

Customised solutions

  • Build winning bespoke investment strategies. With the power of Axyon AI’s customised predictive models, managers can build tailored investment strategies that drive winning performance.
  • Work with Axyon AI to customise and leverage the power of AI over data inputs, time horizons, target variables and forecasting techniques.


AI-enhanced portfolio selection

For discretionary and quantitative portfolio managers.

AI-powered asset performance forecasts feeds

For quantitative teams and portfolio managers.

Customised AI-powered solutions

For quantitative teams and portfolio managers.

Are you ready to take your investment strategy to the next level?