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Why do we need AI for investing?

AI is transforming investment management by allowing us to examine data faster and find accurate insights. Without AI, portfolio managers would have to spend many hours manually processing hundreds of data sources.

But is not only about time effort or cost, it is also a question of the reliability of the entire process and its integration with the existing investment process.

Only an automated machine learning engine like Axyon IRIS®, ensures reliability and minimizes human bias, the first crucial step to integrating AI.

With Axyon IRIS® you can integrate AI signals into existing investment processes effortlessly.



No coding is necessary.
Easy-to-use web application


AI based predictive assets performance rankings


AI-driven strategies with different investment universe and risk-return profiles

Who we are

Axyon AI is an Italian fintech company on a mission to bring AI-powered predictive value to the investment management industry.

Our leading solutions for alpha generation and portfolio management include AI-based strategies and predictive asset performance rankings readily available on our web platform Axyon IRIS®.

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