AI for ESG investors

AI & Deep Learning solutions
for ESG Investors.

AI for ESG Investors

It’s challenging to get an accurate, transparent view of what ESG data means and its predictive power. The amount of ESG data currently available is tremendous, complex, and heterogeneous: it is hard to have a complete picture to invest appropriately.


ESG Investors’ challenges

The quality of an ESG dataset is variable and not guaranteed, and the integration into the investment process is quite complex and expensive. In addition, it is impossible to predict a company’s performance only based on its ESG attributes. But artificial intelligence and deep learning models can establish a relationship between ESG scores and profitability and bridge the gaps in ESG datasets.

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What AXYON IRIS® can do for you

Starting from the Index and thanks to our AI technology, we can deliver ad hoc portfolios that outperform the index* predictions based on ESG screenings.

Our AI models process: Fundamental Indicators + Technical Indicators/options data + Exchange rates + Macroeconomic Indicators + ESG Indicators.

The output is one of our enhanced strategies based on TOP 30 and TOP 50 ESG assets*. With these 2 options and with the possibility of full signal customization, ESG investors may define their own data rankings. 


Ready-to-use AI web based solution

STEP 1: Select an ESG compliant equity universe

STEP 2: Select all relevant ESG variables suitable for the database

STEP 3: Go live with models refined.  Live monitoring of results

STEP 4: Select the best strategy to exploit signals

AI for ESG investment

What AXYON IRIS® can do for you

Axyon ESG Long Only Strategy (all constituents)

The ESG Long Only is a long-only strategy that trades all the constituents of the MSCI Europe SRI index (weekly rebalancing). Portfolio weights are proportional to Axyon predictions and rankings.

Axyon ESG Long Only Top 30 Strategy

The ESG Long Only Top 30 Strategy uses an active and systematic investment style based on machine learning algorithms to trade a portfolio of 30 stocks that are expected to beat the MSCI Europe SRI index (weekly rebalancing). The portfolio is equally weighted, and commissions are taken into account.

AI for ESG investment